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Uniting insight with the latest creative thinking, this report helps create more fulfilling workplace experiences.  Research involved:      




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60% of all respondents want more engagement. This directly influences their desire to share knowledge, to  grow within the organization and their long-term commitment.

69% of respondents agree a sense of happiness is an essential ingredient when creating unique human experiences within the organization.

87% of respondents want a Chief Happiness Officer, with fulltime dedication to employee wellbeing and workplace experience.

JLL’s exclusive global research study decodes the workplace experience. Understands the specific impact on business performance and works out how to shape real estate experiences to achieve strategic performance objectives.


Dr. Marie Puybaraud, Global Head of Research,
JLL Corporate Solutions

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JLL research study demonstrates how transformational workplace experiences:

  • Impact employee engagement, empowerment and fulfilment
  • Cement the link between professional satisfaction and happiness
  • Increase productivity and quality of life

Extensive global research has shaped the Human Experience Model, giving business a clearer insight into the elements that empower and deliver a more fulfilling workspace experience for all.