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Only 37% of German employees feel fully engaged at work, compared with 52% worldwide We are more and more living in an experience-driven society. This also changes the expectations of the employees to an appealing working environment. They no longer come to the office and simply expect a room to work: they want inspiring and fulfilling experiences.

respondents in Germany, more than 7,000 worldwide


of Germans prioritize spaces for concentration, more important than spaces for movement or inspiration.


of Germans mention that happiness is the most important factor for a fulfilling work experience.


The Germans say that autonomy and trust have the biggest impact on employee engagement.

In visionary organizations, days come and go, and are never alike. The workplace experience should be rich, varied and constantly renewed; they adapt to individual needs and enabling employees to grow and commit over the long term.

The three pillars of a positive work experience from a German perspective


For 44 per cent of Germans the most important factor for a high engagement is to learn and pass on their knowledge within the company – this need is stronger than the desire to make a career in the company.


85 per cent of Germans think it is a good idea to have a person in the company dedicated to employee´s satisfaction – a Chief Happiness Officer.


68 per cent of Germans report that a friendly management style, which encourages autonomy, has a positive effect on the commitment.


Timo Tschammler
CEO JLL Germany

Stephan Leimbach
Head of Office Leasing JLL

Stefanie Eisenbarth
Team Leader Workplace Strategy

Martin Hofmann
Head of Project and Development Services JLL

Izabela Danner
Chief Human Resources Officer JLL

Dr. Christian Koch
Member of the Management Board JLL

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Dr. Christian Koch
Member of the Management Board
Corporate Real Estate, Facility Management, Projekt-Management
Izabela Danner
Chief HR Officer
Employee Engagement, Employee Value Proposition, Change & Transition
Stefanie Eisenbarth
Associate Director Workplace Strategy
Entwicklung und Umsetzung moderner Büroflächen-Konzepte und Arbeitswelten
Martin Hofmann
Head of Project and Development Services
Standort- und Machbarkeitsanalysen, Projektsteuerung, Vermarktung, Nachhaltigkeitszertifikate