Italy - Human Experience by JLL

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Many italian workers need and want more from their current office environment. Many are ready for change and eager to embrace new workplace concepts.


A place of work is far more than a property. It is a living environment that helps individuals and businesses craft and experience a better fusion of life and work.


Fostering a sense of commitment, which drives employees’ performance and effectiveness. It is an essential ingredient for facilitating organizational change.


Giving people a sense of control in their working environment, and this can drive performance. Space to breathe, create and collaborate enable organizations to build trust and transparency in the workplace, key ingredients for boosting performance and ensuring people have a sense of purpose at work.


Making sure work feels comfortable beyond the surface level of happiness. Creating positive experiences in the workplace will require companies to rethink their real estate and strategic direction.

Cristina Simonetta
Associate Director - Head of Tenant Representation Dep.
Silvia Impelluso
Associate Director - Workplace Strategy Services
Elena Zanlorenzi
Head of Research
Manuella Nitti
Research – Italy