China - Human Experience by JLL

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  • Chinese employees are one of the most engaged communities at work – 98% feel engaged in the workplace as compared to 88% globally
  • Chinese offices are the least crowded in Asia Pacific and even globally – on average, 32 employees share a common workspace in China versus 45 globally
  • Chinese employees are slightly more agile within the office as compared to the global average – they spend 60% of their working time at their desks, compared to 66% globally

A place of work is far more than a property. It is a living environment that helps individuals and businesses craft and experience a better fusion of life and work.

China’s traditional concept of enclosed office spaces may soon give way to open plan layouts as more employees express the desire for less hierarchical structures at work and greater engagement with senior staff and peers.

Apply this model to shape optimal user experiences, create value for employees, customers, colleagues, visitors and stakeholders – and empower your brand.

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Susan Sutherland
Head of Research Asia Pacific, JLL Corporate Solutions
Jordi Martin
APAC CEO, JLL Corporate Solutions
Julien Zhang
Head of China Global / Managing Director, Beijing JLL
Claire Stephens
Local Director, Workplace Strategy JLL Corporate Solutions