UK - Human Experience by JLL

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United Kingdom

A place of work is more than a property. It is a living environment that helps individuals and businesses craft and experience a rewarding fusion of life and work.

The UK results of JLL’s 2017 Global Research project reveal that office environments have moved swiftly towards more efficient utilisation of space and the culture of openness and mobility. However, our research demonstrates that employee engagement, empowerment and fulfilment are more critical than ever.



A low percentage of UK respondents report feeling “very engaged” at work.



Say it is “important” or “a priority” that their organisation offers spaces for concentration



Want to work in a corporate, 46% showed a preference towards an entrepreneurial environment

Many businesses have now realised that they need to create a place and environment where people want to be. To get a practical sense of one client’s journey to enhance human experience, please watch this story from London-based Sky, Europe’s leading entertainment company.